ive been playin a bit of solitaire lately and i still havent figured out if its possible to win every single game?

or are some games just genuinely unwinnable???

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I did that with UG.

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single draw or triple draw? im pretty sure triple draw it's impossible to win EVERY game. with single it's much more doable.

then again im half speaking out my ass and the other half from my own experiences with win-solitaire.
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I did that with UG.

And I got some search results of the newest posts. o_o

Oh wow, has I found a nu trik?!

I love this cheat on the game though, just to annoy people with 15-second games.



wikipedia is your friend


For a "standard" game of Klondike (of the form: Draw 3, Re-Deal Infinite, Win 52) the number of solvable games is between 82-91.5%.[1] The number of unplayable games is 0.025%[2] and the number of games that cannot be won is between 8.5-18%.[1]

"Unplayable" means that no cards can be moved - anywhere. As opposed to a game that has been "lost" with 0 cards to the suit stacks. In which case some cards can be moved just not to the suit stacks. A game that has been won, in this case, has 52 cards placed to the suit stacks. So you have unplayable, lost and won games.[2]

A modified version of the game called "Thoughtful Solitaire", in which the identity of all 52 cards is known, has a known solution strategy that works 82% of the time but requires significant computing power. Because the only difference between the two games (Klondike and Thoughtful) is the knowledge of card location, all Thoughtful games with solutions will also have solutions in Klondike. Similarly, all dead-ends in Thoughtful will be dead ends in Klondike.[1]