Hey guys, im just wondering what you guys think about this amp. I can get it used for cheap.

I play classic rock but mostly metal. Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Ratt kinda tone, and some modern heavy metal. I wondered if this amp would suite me. Does it sound good with pedals? Can i get the crunchy 80's metal tone im looking for?

thanks. Would love to have it compared to my current Microcube.
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yeah dude. go for it. sounds like you're looking at the right amp and if you can get a sweet deal, there you go hey?
by the sound of things you should be looking to save up a bit more and get a used jcm 800, would be much better suited for the job
Yeah i might save, but i also believe this could be a nice amp, it's a nice opertunity as it chost as much as i bought the Microcube for
I can get it for 400 bucks which is Waaaay cheap around here.
god i hate the valvestate.... I honestly think the spider series sounds better than the valvestate. And thats pretty bad. I don't know what it is about these amps. They just sound horrid and everyone I've ever known with one ended up selling it or putting it in their closet.
If you can get it cheap, I say go for it. I have one, for a inexpenive amp it is better than most in the price range. And yes a pedal will bring it to life.