Hey guys !
Just gave a first listen to the new Dragonforce Album " Ultra Deatdown " and thought it was, like Inhuman Rampage II. I know they said it would be not so different, but I expected more. I'll give more reviews after a second listen, but I wanted YOU to tell me what do you think of the new album ?

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It's not out yet buddy.....

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Quote by BMXfreak000
It's not out yet buddy.....

Correct me if im wrong, but doesn't music release at different dates in different areas, or countries?
Ummm...since it's Dragonforce...I'm just going to turn on the NES and listen to all their crazy wild new stuff that's out...IT'S GONNA BLOW MY MIND!!!
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i downloaded it and started listening to it and the first 2 tracks sucks the 3rd one is fast but goes through to many phases it sounds like 4 songs played with no break between them the 4th one sounds like a mix of classic rock and 80's hair metal! so far there is alot of chanting on this album but its ok 6/10 so far
i downloaded it too and i think the music is just a little bit different. But there are no bigger changes on the album.
At the moment i don't like every song (song 1, 2 and 7 are the best) but sometimes i have to listen to songs often to like them in the end
But now, i think Inhuman Rampage was better than Ultra Beatdown.
Maybe my attitude will change in the next months...
I was actually surprised by their new album. I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually much worse then I expected. They managed to use the same riffs and make them sound even worse the second time. They're a disgrace to music.

I also am wondering how they picked out such an awful name for an album. "Ultra Beatdown?" Sounds like something a 5-year old would come up with as a joke.

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