This should be a really simple question, but for some reason, I can't find an answer. Help me out!

I'm planning in downsizing with my guitars...I hardly ever play my electric, but I playing my classical constantly--I compose on it before trying a riff out on another instrument, I practise my scales on it, I bring it to work to fiddle around with when it's slow. So it's really the only one I need. I want to turn in the electric and my old classical (a $100 starter), and upgrade to something much better, with a cut-out and electronics.

My question is whether I can use my current amp (a simple Vox DA15) with an acoustic electric? I know they sell "acoustic amplifiers," but something tells me that they're really just a money grab...wouldn't it work with a normal amp?

Thanks for the help!
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Yeah it would work just fine, it might not sound amazing, after all acoustic amps are designed to sound good, but by all means it will still work through your Vox.
Okay...so the regular amp would work just fine, but without the best sound quality. I think I could live with that...I don't really play in public, and don't record or anything...I just noodle around.
But for the sake of my own education...what's the difference between an 'electric' amp and an acoustic one? Is it just designed for the particular instrument (like, say, running shoes being fine for a hike, but hiking boots being better suited to the task)?
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.
pretty much... designed to take acoustic pick ups or electric pickups. I mean if I was trading all my electric stuff in i'd go ahead with the amp too. But i'd keep some electrics. Never know when you are gonna need them and if you ever do some acoustic recording it might sound cool with an electric solo over it. Plus your mood might change a few months from now.
Good point...you never know!
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.
trust me dude ive traded a lot of my stuff off and wish i had it back. Some great amps and great guitars over the past decade. If I had all of it back id have tons of stuff. It's better to save up the money and get what you want instead of trading in. That way you got what you got plus the new stuff. I traded off a pretty nice guitar and amp for an electronic drumset not long ago. And yeah i got me a new electronic kit which is good and all but i dont have that guitar and amp no more. I could have saved up and got the electronic kit on my own without trading and i'd have both! So i have quit doing that.
why do you want to amplify it anyway? If you're not playing live, is there a need for it?