I plan on getting a fender highway one stratocaster and I would like to change the pickups. I want to get a vintage tone a lot like Hendrix or Frusciante but im also a little worried about the hum from the single coils. I've been looking at the 57/62 pickups, vintage noiseless pickups and some of the fender custom shop ones. Anyone have any suggestions?
I've heard great things about the Seymour Duncan classic stacks. I'm getting them on my strat pretty soon.
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do you want authentic strat tone without hum ?

"YES ! "

check out kinman pickups, they're pricey, but don't hum at all and still maintain the real strat tone (unlike the vintage noiseless adn SCN's )

i have the 57/62's, and i guess i like them but they're a bit too icepicky and mid-scooped for my taste. and they also hum quite a bit. i'm probably getting kinmans later down the road.
Stock pick ups are quite good tbh can deffo get hendrixy sounds out of it..
What amp will you be plugging it into - that's arguably the most important factor where pickups are concerned.
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If you want REAL vintage tone, go with a set from either sdpickups.com, or rockmonkeyguitars.com.
The latter's owner is a UG member, and gives a 10% discount to UG members.

I got a set from him, never heard better pickups. Vintage tone. Better than those Fender sets, and these RMGs are constructed vintage-correct.

If you're worried about hum...You should shield your guitar. I did, My Strat is pretty darned quiet now.
Use the guide at guitarnuts.com, and buy your foil tape from stewmac.com.