Neither are particularly great.

Don't bother with a full stack - unless you are playing stadiums, and therefore have a price range of significantly >$1000 - you don't need one.

Even then, a 40W all tube amp will pump out more volume than those SS's and Hybrid's.

The tone is also a more important factor - just get a nice tube combo, I'm in the UK, so I don't really know prices over there though.

Give us an idea of the tone you want/bands you like and your current guitar and rig and we'll give some suggestions.

Both are awful and you'll look stupid.

What do you play? Are you gigging? Budget?
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you are gonna get flamed bro, both amps are horrible. the mg is one, if not THE most hated amp on ug.
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I have an ibanez RG370DX wih an edge 3 tremelo. i am in a band tht plays southern rock and speed metal.