My friend wants to become a DJ (Disc Jockey).

He wants to know
1. What courses are avaliable for becoming a DJ ?
2. How is life as a DJ ?
3. What is the average income of a DJ ?
1. in my town at least, bugger all
2. too much stuff to worry about catering for everyones tastes i'd imagine, unless you're playing to a club full of pillheads
3. god only knows, probably just the same as a small band gigging in their hometown! (IE, sod all)
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Your mate has asked you to ask the Pit, most of which play guitar, about DJing?

Good luck with that one!

Yes because he doesnt have access to the computer or the internet. [DONT ASK]

and someone over here definately must know a DJ.
tell the guy to get this book: How To DJ (Properly) i have it, its really good.

It goes through everything from actual mixing of records to how the industry works, and its pretty funny.
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my drummer drums with a DJ. he just does beats and sh*t on his kit to the music it sounds pretty sweet. but for your questions i know nothing about it. mabey ill ask him tonight.
If you're expecting it to become a career, you're probably wrong. But you can certainly get the gear or the software and learn how to do it and get to know your local DJs and try and get a job in a club.
btw, you can get software such as traktor 3, its pretty expensive but its worth it to not sound like DJ Rankin, Jamesy or Cammy
No endeavour rivals science in its incremental progress towards a more complete understanding of the observable universe.
1. better off getting tips from another dj
2. can be fun, you get good record collection, meet people
3. goes up and down, depends what you play who you know. i know a guy being payed £8000 to play in japan. some people dont get anything just a slot so they can build up their reputation

tips:dont make it a full time job till your making money- youll also spend a lot on records
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i think the better questions are:

why does he want to be a DJ?
what music does he want to play?
does he want to be a mobile DJ at weddings/parties, or a club DJ?
if he is so concerned about money, can he afford the equipment and vinyl?
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The answer to all 3 questions is roughly the same as they would be to the scenario of "I want to become a professional guitarist".

1) DJ School - varies as widely in usefulness as guitar school(From Completely worthless to useful if you make the most of it and make good connections)

2) Life as a DJ can range from complete **** to completely badass. Depends on your goals and if you can make the $ to accomplish them.

3) Varies widely from 0-$40,000(USD) per show.

For example, these are just what I vaguely remember these guys charging from talking/working with promoters.

Paul (J)Oakenfold - $30,000 per 1.5 hour set
Armand Van Helden - $20,000 for 2 hours
Carl Cox - $20,000 for 4-8 hours(depending on how long he feels like playing generally)

Those are some super big name type guys. If your friend ever gets to this caliber of DJ status, then he has it made. This would be like a band getting signed to sony/bmg or something.

Evol Intent - $1000 for 2 hour set
DJ Hardware - $5000 for 2 hour set

These guys are/were mid-range type DJs, not at the superstar status level(tho evol intent prolly costs a lot more now with their rising popularity)

Most of your local DJs will get paid anywhere from 0-500$ a set, sometimes more if they can draw a big enough crowd.

I assume you were talking about being a club/rave DJ and not a mobile DJ(weddings and ****).

I have been playing trance breaks and D&B for almost 13 years, I've had 3 residencies.

Most I ever got paid for a gig was $400, spent about 100 of that just driving to and from the gig.

Really I would recommend against going to a DJ school, your friend needs to do 3 things:

1) get equipment(turntables, headphones, mixer, needles,PA/speakers, etc.)
2) buy records, whatever generes he is into, buy em, try to have at least 20-30 records to start with if possible.
3) Find a knowledgeable DJ to learn from. Make friends with DJs in clubs or something, it shouldn't be hard to find a group of guys who spin/battle each other regularly at their house or something. Most DJs will be willing to help a noob learn the ropes as long as they are patient and listen to what they are being told.

Good luck, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.. I don't think there are too many other DJs on here.
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tips:dont make it a full time job till your making money- youll also spend a lot on records

Yea that's one thing I forgot to mention:

Records = Crack

Buying records = Crack Addiction

I've made myself broke buying records before and all DJs have to learn to balance their crack habit with real life.

This is the main reason I no longer DJ really, you have to keep up on the latest vinyl(generally, unless you are playing disco or something... and even then.), you will be expected to be banging out the latest hits or newest underground dubs, and you will spend all your money on it.

3. What is the average income of a DJ ?

I know people who are DJs, play regularly and consider themselves foremost as DJs but they still hold down day jobs and stuff. Just like being a rockstar I wouldn't get into it hoping to make a good living.
Get a vocalist, bassist, and drummer.

Then your friend and you can start a band and call it Succubus.

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