Schecter C-1 Classic/Alnico Warpig set -> Triamp on Channel 3A -> Vintage 30 Cab -> Sennheiser e906 -> Edirol UA-25 -> Sonar LE -> Teh interwebs!


The warpigs are so $%&#ING THICK AND CRUNCHY AND MASSIVE. Just like a good pack of Hob Nobs Very Happy
The low mids growl so visciously in the big open chords, yet rings out in the high range during the embellishments.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me what you thinks!
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Quote by False_God
Love the tone, very nice man!

Reminds me so much of tremonti's tone.

Nice setup


I'm happy to say I'm at a stage where I don't NEED to buy a new amp, guitar or pickups.

However I AM short on a couple dozen pedals

Maybe a new cab.....