I recently heard this song on the radio on my way to work and I really liked it.

Her Eyes - Pat Monahan

I'm not sure want you call this kind of music exactly but I'm hoping to make a playlist around this song. Any suggestions? Any good, chill love songs are welcome, too. Thanks.

Oh and no Hey There Delilah please. I'm sick of that song.
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Check out the "Once" soundtrack. That would work great with that song. Ummm.... There's Tristan Prettyman, Ben Sollee, Rufus Rainwright, Sarah Mclachlan, Tegan and Sara, Kimya Dawson... Those are all I can think of off of the top of my head, but I really think you should try the Once soundtrack, it's almost perfect for what you want. Hope that helps.
maybe check out the john butler trio, pete murray, sufjan stevens, alex lloyd. that's all I can think of atm
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go to pandora.com and make a station on that. great website.
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Thanks guys. I checked out The Script song suggested a couple posts up. Great song,but I'm looking for more love song-ish ones sounding like Monahan. Thanks though
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OH.My. GOD. The John Butler Trio is amazing! Keep 'em coming
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sounds a lot like maroon 5 too
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