How does everyone go about selling these beautiful masterpieces that they create? I am not looking to sell mine, but I am curious (along with many other I assume) where you would sell these buggers!
You'd have your local guitar shop sell it for you. You name the price, they name the comission.
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hmmm..... good ideas... I also think it would be cool if all the UG luthers united and had one brand name we went under and had our own franchise's across the US. That'd either be horrific... or amazing because we could pool resources.
That would never work

You also set up and promote a website that displays your work and gives info on what and how people can order from you.

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I haven't sold many, but I couldn't imagine having trouble finding buyers locally. If I ever did though I'd sell them through the internet.
Advertise the crap out of your product. It's kind of a hard business though, because people would rather shell out a wad of cash for some crappy conveyor belt import just because it has a certain name on the headstock.

Sad but true.

You HAVE to make a name for yourself first.

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.....well I sold my first build on eBay and it bid up to $640, which I was happy with considering I put about $300 worth in parts into it. Even though I put about $2,399 worth of my time into it, haha!