Hey guys, i've been here quite a long time ago... tried to figure out which good guitars I can find for my range of price. Well, I still can't reach a decision so i'm here to ask a few more questions and hear some more opinions.

So... What is the starting price for a good electric acoustic guitar in your opinion? (I know that there are exceptions and that it's possible to find very cheap guitars that are way better than some expensive ones... but you know.. in generally..)

Lets say I can spend around $750+-... Do you have any suggestions that are worthy to check out at this range? or maybe opinions about such guitars that you own and are happy with?

I would also like to know (those of you who have tried it) what do you think about the Takamine EG340SC (good sides and bad sides)?

Please make sure that you refer in your answers to guitars that have at least a solid top.. and a cut away..

and I just wanna make it clear- i'm in no rush to buy anything right away.. i'm just gathering information, so nothing that you say here is taken as an alternative to the real thing... eventually i'll try it all myself.. I just want to have a list of some "recommended" guitars in addition

thanks a lot!
if we're talking expensive there is no rival to the gibson sj-200.
the acoustic electric version is absolutely amazing from the materials to craftsmanship to the pickup system. yes it is uber-expensive but it is by far the best.
now if you're looking for a bargain you may try the epiphone version of that same guitar or if you're looking for super bargain there is the epiphone aj-100ce which has a solid top and a cutaway and a decent pickup system for like $200.
thanks for taking your time to answer
I am not looking for a bargain though. I can spend up to $800. I don't really want a guitar under $300-$400 cuz i'm sure that most $500+ guitars sound better and last longer (especially when we're talking about an *electric* acoustic so it better sound good both plugged and un-plugged).
maybe it sounds like i'm judging by the price but really not.. I just wanna go more safe with a good sounding, qualitative, not too cheap guitar. not looking for a killer.. just a decent guitar so I won't regret buying it and will enjoy it.

any other helpers? more comments would be very appreciated.
Red - I own the Takamine EG341SC (which I believe is the same as the 340 except it's black) and I love it. Unplugged, it delivers a nice warm tone, but plugged in it really sounds awesome. I play through a Crate 30W acoustic amp. I had some issues when I first got it with fret buzz at the first two frets, but I had it professionally set up and haven't had any problems since. Great guitar, in my opinion.
The last thing I want is to get a new guitar and start messing with set-ups... but that can happen with any kind of guitar I guess... life's tough
Anyway, I really appreciate your opinion. I've heard a demo of that guitar on youtube, but trusting a video quality is not the smartest thing so it was important to me to hear more opinions before I get to try it myself... (I actually don't even know if this model exist where I live).

I still need help with the rest of the questions... so if anyone has more suggestions, please..