Hey everyone

I covered Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix this morning, solo and all.


Please tell me how you like and if you think I can work on anything to make it better. Thanx
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sound pretty good. the recording quality is really bad though dude. it sounds like you recorded it in a cardboard box... which is the same quality they did back then as well.
the recording qulity is quite bad

though through it you can hear such potential through your playing

this really is ana amzing cover of Foxy Lady

you've done Jimi proud
If you sped it up a bit and had more energy it would be alot better. This song demands lots of energy.
Thanx for the feedback, non pun intended lol. Yeah the recording sounds like **** because I put my amp in the closet so the volume wouldn't clip on the recording because i had it turned up pretty loud. next time, I'll find a way to have the recording not sound so ****ty.

after the fact, i did realize that i had slowed the tempo down a little bit, but ****, playing the bass line and the melody at the same time is a little confusing while trying to sing at the same time, but thanx for the feedback, Ill work on all that **** to make it better. thanx
Recording is pretty bad though your playing is quite good. Kinda boring though. I little more practice may make it better. Keep it up. Overall, nicely done.

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