Me and my friend need to make this card for someone, so is there a free program that would be good for this? Doesn't matter if it's a trial or limited use thingy, because it would just be a one off.

Any ideas, pit?
Microsoft Excel.
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If you don't even know what programs you can use, it's gonne be one ****ty card.
Yeah i finally got round to all this, so, what shall i put here?

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If you don't even know what programs you can use, it's gonne be one ****ty card.

I was just looking for a program that specialises in card making
What kind of card? What is special about it? There are websites on the internet where you can order your own specially made cards.
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I always make mine by hands. Means more to the person.

I do too, and I think you should do it by hand because they're much more special when you do it that way. Trust me, they're so much better.
MS paint.

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what kind of card? Like fake ID card? Birthday card? Sorry i cheated on you with your best first last night card?

Need more info.