I appear to have a problem, the g strin on my guitar is always going out of tune, i guess the strings are probably 12 months old on it, but its always been the same problem, what can I do with the tuning peg? I guess the screw on the back is only for taking it on and off the headstock, any ideas guys?
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g strings always go out of tune, i suggest buying a new pair of strings before going through all the hassle of ****ing with your tuners.
change the string. probably it
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Change your goddamn strings.
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change strings...even i'm not that bad and i'm a frickin student without a frickin job.

also, the g-string always goes out of tune. learn to tune it while you're playing. that's what i've done and it's worked wonders.

or, buy a guitar that has tuning locks.
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Install new strings, while G string is not installed check for tuner looseness in mounting hole & tighten tuner post nut if loose. Check for binding at the nut & adjust tension on the tuner knob (screw holding tuner knob to tuner body) if your's have that feature.
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yeah, it takes a really good guitar to keep that string in tune. however, there's often a screw at the top of the tuner, and if you tighten that down it'll be a little harder to turn it. you could try that.

and definitely change the strings. i know it's been said, but seriously man, 12 months? that's not right.
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yeah, it takes a really good guitar to keep that string in tune.

No it doesn't, the TS just doesn't know how to tune.

Check your nut, if you have to, lube it with some graphite. It seems the problem(s) is(are) though that you don't stretch your strings when putting them on, you don't know how to put on new strings, and THE STRINGS ARE A YEAR OLD.

Change them and stretch them.
how often should you change strings???

also my g string also would have some difficulties holding it in tune but than i used the loop method of winding my strings and it stays in tune pretty good
Thanks for that, I do know how to change the strings, but a lack of time to play has lead to the long term use of that set of strings.

I really wondered if there was anything wrong with the tuner, I have never had the same problem on my fender, but then I suppose its also down to the quality of the hardware
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PRS SE Singlecut
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby
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change the strings
if you dont theyll wear or snap or just go out of tune
thats probably your problem
but the stupid g string is always the hardest to get in tune anyway
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On a side note........The G string is also the string that suffers the most in the even-tempered scale the guiatr uses. Just look at Yamaha's compensated fretboard or the Buzz Feiten system and you'll see what I mean. You may tune the string to pitch using the standard method and when you play in other areas on the neck, the G sounds out of tune! The better your ears are the more you'll notice this unfortunately. Other than accurately setting your intonation which won't cure it, only help, you'll have to this with this phenomena unless you invest in a compenstaed tuning system.
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