Hey people,

I'm looking to trade this beast for ANY pre-JCM 900 HEAD model. (No DSL, TSL, AVT, MG, etc.)

These vintage models have only been going up in value. Very versatile with original Rola-Celestion speaker. 50 watts. Model # 4210. Hella loud.

I'm in Chicago, so any transaction will have to be local (60 mile radius). I can make exeptions though.

Hit me up if interested/questions.


^BTW...that is a picture I got from the web. Mine is in the exact same condish...but mine HAS the little badge in the lower left-hand corner of the grill.

Mine also has the original silver-capped knobs with the little pointers at the base.

Forgot to mention...any difference in value will be made up with cash. I know for most vintage and near-vintage Marshall heads, this won't be exactly a direct trade, although close.

Did you find a new home for this? If not, any interest in another beast of an amp -- an Ampeg, 75 watt tube combo with an EVM speaker and a ton of wicked features? It's on this page, about a 3rd of the way down:

Ampeg VL-503

And I'm in Glenview, so not far away from you.