I checked Guitar Center and they don't have the picks I'm looking for... their selection usually sucks and I rarely find what I need. So I needed to know, where else can I buy guitar picks from, locally? I know I can buy them on the internet, but I hate paying shipping then waiting for a week.

Oh and I'm looking for the Dunlop Tortex Jazz picks.
Other music shops?
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google "guitar stores in your city, your state"
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Try Musiciansfriend.com they have a huge selection of everything and if not that try zzounds.com (yes its two z's)
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+1 for the internet!
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Supporting your local shops is always a good idea. Try going other places than GC, they'll probably have better service, selection, and prices.
just order it online, shipping doesnt cost much
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Quote by nemjeff13
just order it online, shipping doesnt cost much

it'll cost more than the picks.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
Thomann the Online music store? The minimum ordering is 50 e, you could buy guitar picks for 50 e, and then pay the delivery fare what is 20 e!