I have a M-Audio Fast Track USB and Audacity. everything is working fine except that when i record its only recording in the right. How do i get stereo?. In Preferences i only have Fast Track 1/2. There is no other input selections.

How do I fix it?
You are only going to get mono. An guitar is mono unless you have a stereo jack on your guitar.

When the switch on the Back of the M-Audio is on guitar it's recording only mono and when it's on line it's recording stereo. But... You instrument cable is only mono so there is no point.
Under the "Project" menu select "New Audio Track" when recording guitar. It's mono and should play through both left and right channels.

I'm guessing you accidentally selected "New Stereo Track" instead....

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still not working. I go NEw AUdio Track but when i click record it recordsa new track in stereo and still on the right.