So i'm looking on investing in a guitar... i mean A GUITAR.
let's just assume money is not an option for now

I've been looking into PRS guitars and i really like them... but i want to know if anyone else has any recommendations for guitars that are very versatile, they have to have great clean tones above all though.
I used to go to a guitar store when I was like 9 and play a PRS Tremonti signiture, it was a pretty damn good guitar at the time
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it really does depend on the price - theres some going for £2000 or some going for £380
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There's a simple answer, and it's yes.

Alternatives to PRS are hard to find... Carvin, maybe. Otherwise, there are lots of small companies making custom-made quality guitars, like Mayones. Overall, I think I'd rather invest in a custom guitar than buying a PRS.
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i'm putting my order in next week for a 2008 revised tremonti. absolutely blew me away when i tried out a sunburst example last friday (didn't like the colour). does everything you want - it's scary.
I have a PRS SE Singlecut and I honestly couldn't be happier - great guitar, and costs around £400/$800.

It has a satisfying tone with even a lot of cheap, ****ty amps; otherwise, it has a great tone.