I'm not sure of any places that ship to Ireland but be aware that a mic and preamp alone isn't enough for a great recording. If you don't have an audio interface you will be running though a stock sound card on your computer which was never made to record in the first place which will lower your quality and give you latency.

most interfaces have XLR inputs and preamps on them anyways so the audio buddy (an ok preamp, not anything great) should not need to be used.
That was going to be my next question.. Thanks dude. Do you have any recommendations as to what i should do?
well you could run the audio buddy preamp into something like the line6 Toneoprt GX but with the price drop the Toneport UX1 is a better choice since it has line inputs at the back which you can more easily run the audio buddy into.

you will need the m-audio peramp since the GX and UX1 do not have on board phantom power.


Also keep an eye out on ebay for products. I buy used when I can and you really can save a lot doing this. Just be sure to have a look over everything and make sure you get things like power adapters or anything that you normally get with a new product.

And if you can use firewire the PreSonus Inspire 1394 is a nice unit.
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Ah thanks dude... You've been a great help... I have another question though. When it comes to an interface is it better to go with usb or firewire? Or does it matter?
For just one guy who's not playing acoustic drums, it really doesn't matter. You may want to get USB 2.0 over 1.1 for reduced latency, but it's not a big deal. Also, for your budget, I doubt you'll find a new Firewire interface for that price.
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