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hey, i thought up some chords i could put on here

an e variation

D| 14
A| 14
E| 0

and one that requires drop c on the d-string (there are a lot of these)

C| 4
A| 2
E| 0

try 'em if you like 'em, and i will submit more L8r

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You can't 'think up' chords, they already exist and have existed for a long, long time.

Not to mention this forum is actually for submitting your own compositions.
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The second chord would be easier in standard, its just...

E5, a power chord.

The first chord is somewhat original though, and it has a nice ring to it when you single pick it.
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Isn't the first one E5 aswell? lol

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They're both E5, but the first one's A and D notes are one octave higher. And yeah, this forum is for submitting songs, not chords that sound cool. You could post a chord progression, but not just random chords that you thought up.