which amp should i buy.
i play rock/metal/blues
i have a epi les paul and a gt8(all the effects i cld with for!)

so yeah, i have a small budget i guess ( about £500)

what do u guys think?
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how much $ is that in usd?

Thats about a thousand $
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you could definitely get a used marshall jcm 800 combo for that, theyre better than modern marshalls....
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how much $ is that in usd?

just for the record there are lots of web sites that will make this conversion for you quickly.

i use: xe.com

Gilmourish do you gig or home use only and can you go used as well? Not sure if you guys have a 'craigslist.com' type site to use over there but it would nice to know if someone does know.
no i dont gig, but hopefully within the next year i will because i really want to,

i want an amp which will last and i like the sound of the jcm800 used.

i wld only go used if it was really good price for the money