Okay, this is confusing to me, but I think I have a general idea of what I'm doing. However, I think it'd be a wise move on my part to ask people here if I'm right before spending tones of money. So can you tell me if my idea will work?

Basically, I want to be able to record some demo's for my band. I was thinking that I could mic the two guitars each with a condenser mic, vocals with a dynamic mike, and drums with two over-head mics (No idea what type....). Run all of that into a mixer, adjust the levels and what not, then out one speaker. Then just put a USB-Mic infront of the speaker, and record it to audacity.

Will this work, and sound decent enough for a demo? If not, is there another way, on the cheap-ish side?
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Instead of using a USB-mic use a USB interface and a cheap audio cable from the mixer to the PC.

Apart from that sounds OK

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i think you would be best to record each instrument by itself into audacity, then mix it there.

also, just for the type of recording you're doing, I would suggest using dynamic mic's like a Shure sm57 for the guitars, and a condenser along with a pop screen for the vocals. the MXL 990 from musician's friend is a pretty decent mic and it's really inexpensive.
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sounds like a plan, i guess the quality depends on the mikes, but the plan sounds about right.

usb stuff has less interference, since its digital, so id record to audacity via usb as you said (as opposed to using line in). then again i dont have much experience, just a basic idea.

EDIT: yeah, ive heard good stuff about shure mikes as well. as mentioned above it may be better recording each instrument individually, since from my experience its a hell of a lot easier. but im not exactly a knowledgable chappie in the sound quality department, but my rp's usb to audacity sounds perfecto so i think a mike would too
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if you already have a mixer then just use the external speaker output on the amp... then run it through audacity. if you record each instrument separetly it will sound better and you can change effects for each intsrument track in audacity. if you cant play without hearing the music from the other players audacity plays back the audio as you record so its quite a simple and cheap way to record that sounds great.
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I second the Marshall MXL 990 for vocals, I have one and it's a really cheap solution and sounds great, it covers a broad range and gives a warm tone for vocals.
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