Flying V Style Guitar W/ Floyd Rose And More....
This guitar is forsale
I build this guitar so there is no brand for the guitar. it is v style. you can check out pictures of it now and as i built it. this guitar is not finished today but should be by July 16. Check it out and make an offer in email.


don't advertise.
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You didn't build it, you bought some parts, painted it and screwed it all together
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looks bloody awful! Not the actual design or the colours themselves but the poor quality of finish. Someone doesn't know how to use masking tape properly!
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How has no one reported this yet?

TS, there are much more subtle ways of advertising your build and sale - I'm sure you'd get alot more views if you actually posted the build within this currently useless thread.
so wait wait wait wait... you bought a neck and body off of ebay, routed for a trem and installed a floyd, did a quick spray can two tone job on the neck and body, and thats the product you're offering? no offense, but if you want to get into the business of making and selling guitars, you should really start actually making them first.