I'm considering buying a good video recording camera. I've started getting into filmmaking and the camera I have is really really bad quality. So I need some suggestions. What are some things I need to look for in getting a good recording camera? I dont want something spectacular but something that isn't mediocre. I don't wanna spend an assload of money either. MAYBE 300 dollars max. So if anyone could tell me some things to look for or even offer some suggestions or where to buy them that'd be great. Thanks.
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olympus is a good brand..........ive had my camera (olympus camera) for about 4 years now and it still works well..........samsung is good from what i can tell about thier other products.....hope i can help
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best buy has good stuff....www.amazon.com has some really good deals for some good products.amazon sells some products as "used" because they had a paint chip or something, not all products were acutally "used" by other people if they say used...my friend bought a book for 1cent!(no joke) because the page was ripped and thats why the cost was that low.