yer its in G major not e minor cus its got a d natural and an F sharp in it
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How is that not E minor?
If it were to contain a D# note, that would almost certainly indicate that it's E minor. Since it's D natural, the riff is ambiguous without playing it and using your ear.
^There is no D# in the key of E minor (maybe in E major).
E minor has the same notes as G major. So it could be either. But seeing as it starts on a G, I would say G major
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The D# is from E harmonic minor, it makes it possible to play a dominant chord off the fifth degree of the harmonic minor scale, so the resolution to the tonic is stronger.

This is correct.. listen to that.

Em is the relative minor of G major.... meaning that the NATURAL MINOR form of E is comprised of the same notes as G major.

Go look at a piano and learn how to play one... it will help you with your theory.