Yo peeps,

I am looking at a Peavey 6505, either the head and a marshall cab or the combo version. I need to be able to use it at bedroom levels, so not very loud, but also have the power for live and studio applications.



Combo. It'll still be really loud if you want it to be, and it's just easier for transport etc.
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I went for the head because cabs are supplied at our gigs so transporting a head rather than a meaty combo is much easier
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I actually have good luck with master volume amps at bedroom levels - I'm quite happy with the sound of high gain or high channel-volume, and then using the master for overall "real" volume, but I'm not getting full power-amp tube saturation. If you're cool with that, then either will work, and the combo is easier for transport.

Otherwise, you want a head and a cabinet, because you can put an attenuator (like a THD Hot Plate or the Weber or Marshall attenuators) in between your head and your cab, and then you can soak your power tubes too, and set real/perceived volume with the attenuator. I think a lot of people feel the first scenario I described as "good enough", which is probably why hybrid amps do so well, now that I think about it.

Key considerations:
- Does power tube saturation matter to you?
- Space/physical-logistics?
- Will you ever want to change your head or mix-match heads with the cab?