My attempt at radio friendly rock in the vein of Muse. How's the chorus? The chord progressions may sound dissonant at times, as I used lots of borrowed chords. I'm not too keen on the bridge - it feels a bit forced. Are the riffs too generic? Thanks, and C4C.
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I liked the intro, but it didn't quite seem to go with the rest of the song. The acoustic part was, however, very Muse (I'm a huge fan). The part when the volume is turned up sounds very similar to Butterflies and Hurricanes too, the same rhythm and a similar (if not the same) chord.

I'm not sure what is wrong with the chorus, but I don't really think it fits with the verse. Maybe it's just that it's too major sounding for my tastes.

I think the bridge came in a bit too quickly, it could do with sitting on a minor chord for a bar or two before coming in. You managed to go back to the rest of the song well.

The outro sounds good, maybe hold it for a little longer? Or slide down after it, to give it more of a sense of being finished.

The bass and drums were good, particularly the bass. I can't really fault those.

Let me know if you re-submit this with any changes, I'd be interested to hear how it comes out, it should be very interesting.
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nice acoustic intro with nice leads. no complaints. wow. blatant butterflies and hurricanes ripoff there lol. The verse was sort of boring. nothing really special about it, but it definitely wasn't bad. the F# in the vocal melody ruined the chorus. Your song is in D minor, so use its minor third there (F) instead a major third. I liked the preverse a lot. I don't know why. The drums during the organ part were pretty bad...but I'm not holding that against you as you are obviously not a drummer (this is a guitar forum after all). I'd give this song a 6/10 in its current state.

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Wow sweet intro, and the vocals and strings really add some atmosphere. Id have to say my favorite part of the song was the first verse sections, the vocals really were the shining area. The guitar was nice, but too simplistic for me, but then again its MIDI not the studio. It did have a very MUSE sound to it, but it never seemed like you were trying to clone them. Also I loved the drums during the verse, it sounded really great. My only cit like before, is maybe spice up the guitar. Get some speed and variation in there. 8/10