I know everyone loves the Egnater amp heads, but what about the cabs?

I was looking for a quality 4x12 (or maybe even a 2x12) to replace my JSX, and for $599.99 this beats pretty much everything. Plus I could use that 10% coupon and get it for $540 from GC.

It has V30's, and looks pretty promising.
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maybe vader?

If I get a 2x12, that's likely what it'll be.
2008 Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Currently amp-less!

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They actually look pretty good. It just depends what it is made of.
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i played one in guitar center, and wasn't that impressed. you can get much better for the price
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I think its definitely worth looking more into. The speakers alone are 125 a piece. I would look into the VHT Fatbottom 2x12's, I think I'm going to pick one of them up later down the line. It would probably be that a Vader or a Framus. Those are brands worth looking into. Especially Framus.
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