Hey UG im basically a theory noob and im making a song atm but i dont know what scale i should try soloing in

the progression is basically Am, E, Am, E, C, G, C, G

simple right?

can anyone help me find a decent scale (or two or three) that might work?

its a bit of an upbeat, almost reggae type song if that helps

Not as simple as you think. Between the Am and E I'd recommend the A harmonic Minor scale.
but for the C and G, because you've modulated, I'd recommend G major shape one (Ionian)

That's my understanding of it, other people probably have a different perspective.
Soo I'm guessing its A minor in the beginning. The E major has the G# which is the leading tone to A (harmonic minor FTW). Then it goes to the relative major, C.

Follow that accordingly. A harmonic minor, then C major and see if you like it. You might like A natural minor though (just don't emphasize the G natural of A minor over the G# in the E chord because nobody likes dissonance in upbeat songs ).

Edit: ^ It modulates to C major doesn't it? The G - C creates a nice authentic cadence.

Edit2: *looks at below post* Sweet, I was right about something!
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The first four chords are very A minor and last four very C major. The second half is generally best played with just a straight C major scale. The first half is a little tricker because despite clearly resolving to A minor, the E chord has a G#. All this means is to avoid using G naturals and replace them with G#s over the E chords, or in simpler terms, to use the harmonic minor scale. Over the Am chords, an A minor scale would be great.
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