Does any one Listen to the Lostprophets i know they are big in the UK but no one i talk to has ever heard of them! They are very good and just wondering if i can find someone who likes there music!
where do you live for no-one to have heard of them? personally, i don't like them too much
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they did a pretty ****ty cover of machine heads davidian :/
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I love Lostprophets!!! They are my favorite band! My fav song by them is Last Train Home.
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My friend loves these guys, but I have no idea why. They're decent but they don't stand out at all to me.
Start Something was a good album. The last song on it is so awesome. Their DJ threw in a lot of good trancey moments to stir up their punk/nu-metal sound. I was pretty excited to see what they ended up doing for their next album, but it sucks soooo bad. They failed about as bad as Linkin Park.

Their DJ needs to go solo or team up with some other electro-ambient musicians. Come to think of it, what is their DJ's name?

Edit: According to Wikipedia, Jamie Oliver does all the DJ stuff on Start Something and he switched to mainly keyboards for the next album. He also does a lot of the album art.

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I agree, Start Something was much better than Liberation Transmission. I'm looking forward to their new album, even though it's not coming until early 2009.
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I love Lostprophets!!! They are my favorite band! My fav song by them is Last Train Home.

"Hi, my name is Joe Everybody! I like that one band on the radio! My favorite song is their single!"

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Poor advice.
the fake sound of progress is a great debut.

sadly it's all downhill from there.

their first two albums were good, especially start something. liberation transmission is a really crappy album though.. it sounds very cry baby-ish and they somewhat look emo now which is stupid. but overall, a pretty good band.
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no, tis a good song, but no where close to their best.

They're my favorite band though and I like all their albums. i agree the 1st and 2nd albums are their best. i hope they do some justice for themselves on this 4th record. they've changed the projected release probably 3 times... and it's getting hard to wait for
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they did a pretty ****ty cover of machine heads davidian :/

OK, it wasn't as good as Machine Head's, but how can you cover a song by an actual god and make it as good? lol

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The first two albums were amazing, and I'm glad they're going back to their roots on the new album. Anyone heard Weapons? THAT is what I'm talking about. The latest album just doesn't have the harshness of the old one's, and it doesn't have that experimental feel to it. They kind of played it safe with the "Difficult third album" thing going on.

Also, I spelled "roots", "routes" first time around then. xD


EDIT: Hang on, Last Train Home is a brilliant song. Surely saying Rooftops/4AM would be more "ZOMFG I LOVE THAT BAND AND MY FAVE IS THE SINGLE!"? W/e, though. Handsome Life of Swing is my favourite, that or We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan. (The last track on Start Something that someone mensioned before.)
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