Since June I'm sitting in London. Despite I traveled through city for some time, I couldn't find any bigger guitar/music store. Turnkey is closed propably for 2 months or so, Soundcheck is openning again. But ofc noone knows where. Is there any decent-sized store in this almost 8 milion ppl city?
I always try and find denmark street, but get lost in the process. =[
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denmark street. Its off of charring cross road i think, find TurnKey and walk a bit further up... its like near Blakcwells
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i live in canada!!!!!! we have some ****ty private store with like 2 brands fender and b.c.rich.. and now it just got bought out by long n mcquade
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Go To Tottenham court road tube. Exit station turn right. Walk about one minute, pass the London Astoria on the right. Cross the road et voila Rose Morris and the rest of Denmark street. also If you continue to go past Denmark street you will find Turnkey.
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While we are talking about turnkey... It's closed permanently? And what's going on with soundcheck? I've heard they are relocating, but where?
turnkey has closed. im not sure whether its temporary or permenant
but Denmark Street is more than satisfactory