make a template and test all the proper measurements with the template first i.e. test for bridge location according to the scale length you want (thats the most important thing), test to make sure you have room for all the controls you want. just your basic planning precautions, measure thrice cut once etc.
alder, maple, ash, maybe some cheaper mahogany

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For the love of god dont use plywood, or mdf.

It has to be dry wood (air or kiln dried) to around 6-8% moisture content.

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What cheap wood(s) do you prefer for a build? Does it need to be kiln dried?

wood choice depends on what kind of tone you want

If you want a warm tone go with mahogany, for a brighter tone either Ash or Maple, or for a nice blend go with Alder.

personaly I would go with Alder
I beleieve I will go with maple. I have it in abundance. I beleive Im going with a P bass body, a musicman pickup, Black hardware and a camo paintjob. I mainly stand and play, are the arm rest and chest? rest necessary? (Those little places taken out on the topside of the body)
I mainly stand when I play bass as well. The chest cutout is a very good feature. I consider it essential. The arm rest depends more on your style, I'd be okay without one, though it is nice too.
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poplar isnt bad and it's cheap
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Talk to me about poplar, I can get my hands on some free and have an itch to build a Tele-ish guitar.