Okay, I had a bass and my cusin wanted to swap his acoustic for it. He payed £50 for his acoustic, and I payed £20 for my bass. I think I regret swapping it. My cusin give me my first guitar, but sometimes I get bored of guitar. Playing the same little chord progression, but I told my cusin I would never give up guitar. I like the bass, it was too easy though. I wanted more challenging, but if I go back to the bass. I would have broken my promise [Me and my cusin are extremely close] I was just wondering if you guys could tell me is bass really easy if you get into or does it come difficult. Because the songs i played where too easy.

It's easier to start out on than guitar but bass is much much harder to get very good at.
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Indie has pretty much answered this question for you. My other two cents are to go back and read the FAQ and search for a good dozen other threads that deal with this topic.