Alright so i've been looking into audio interfaces. But I was just wondering if the sound card in my mac is good enough. Its a six month old macbook pro with leopard. Do i still need to buy an interface to bypass the stock soundcard or should i be ok?
If you're wanting to record audio into your computer, then I would suggest that you do need an interface, yes.
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if you plan on buying one your going to spend over 100$
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Cool man, thanks. Just that i heard that the stock sound card on macs are good enough. But i had no idea.
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if you plan on buying one your going to spend over 100$

Why's that>?
...you can get a toneport for around $50 or 60 these days...
they are not the best interfaces but they do work.

a $100 interface i cheap, once you get into the $200 range you start getting into better quality preamps and such which helps with your sound.

so yea its ideal to spend more than $100 but for someone who is just messing around with recording or doing it for fun, a cheaper interface like the toneports will work just fine most of the time.
well i have a preamp so thats not a problem. But if i do need an interface, what should i look into? I dont have a big budget. I'm looking for something that has a regular instrument jack and an xlr input.
most interfaces have preamps on board so you dont need an external one however if you have a really nice one, run that between the interface and instrument.

The Toneport UX1 should work for you. One XLR and TS input. Two on board Preamps (which sound fair...) and its USB 1.1 connection.

An E-MU 0202 would be a better choice if you can spend a little more since its USB 2.0 which is a lot faster meaning you'll have less latency...however I used the UX1 for a week and found it to be an ok unit. The monitors and phone should be hooked to the interface itself.