So it's like this...i've got an ibanez GAX70 i've decided I want to put a little bit of work into...not because it really needs it--for a $200 guitar, it sounds shockingly good, actually--but more just to learn how guitars "go together" (i'm new to the whole "guitar customizing" thing)...I've been looking at replacing the bridge with a tonepros graphtech bridge; graphite saddles, i've been told, generally reduce in less string wear and better tone, so I figure i'll try it out.
1st off--does anyone have any experience with this bridge? would you reccommend it?
2nd off--on musiciansfriend.com. there are 2 options for this bridge--small post and large post; which should I be buying for this guitar? it seems like I want the large post version, but does anyone know for sure which would be the easiest to just "drop in" to a GAX70?