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The Jonbenet
Explosions in the Sky
Riff Tiffs
The Rapture

All my favs that i'm pretty sure not that many have heard of
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Boy Hits Car, awesome band, not a lot of people know them though. I think they were pretty successful back in '01, but not like superstar successful. Check them out.
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Kalmah, my favorite band.
X Japan
Eternal Tears of Sorrow
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Great symphonic Black metal from Taiwan. Their vocalist's range is ****ing crazy
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the blood brothers. they are a weird ass band, but for some reason i find them very catchy. i heard of them from my freind
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i don't know if turbonegro is very popular in america or not so i will say them
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State Radio
Kings of Leon
Widespread Panic
Year Long Disaster
Black Crowes
Jonas Brothers
Gov't Mule
Humble Pie
Shooter Jennings
Stealers Wheel
Ten Years After

I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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The Honorary Title are freaking incredible. I've loved them for like 2 years, and almost nobody knows them. They've definitely grown in the last little while though.
I'm gonna have to say Say Anything. They're an incredible band with great lyrics, and a great range of musical styles. Good live show too.

They give at least two of their videos on fuse. I still like them though.

Pistolita and Ivoryline come to mind. I don't listen to much "underground" music.

I love how mostly everyone is mentioning bands that aren't mainstream but are still the biggest acts of their scene.
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Agalloch, Wintersun, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pentagram.

+1 to all of those.

Kaizers Orchestra

Rubella Ballet


The Selecter

EDIT: and Awful Waffle. They're a local ska band and they're pretty damn good.
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Spiritual Rez is an awesom Reggae/Funk/Jam band that I saw at a bar a few months ago.
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State Radio
Kings of Leon
Widespread Panic
Year Long Disaster
Black Crowes
Jonas Brothers
Gov't Mule
Humble Pie
Shooter Jennings
Stealers Wheel
Ten Years After


kings of leon and black crowes are so good

American Minor
Twilight Singers
anything Nick Cave has ever done
Apollo Sunshine
Aesop Rock
The Cold War Kids
sunny day real estate and the human abstract are both really sick and i'm the only person i know who listens to either
But If I told you guys then you'd know about them and I wouldn't be musically superior to you.

Nice try buddy...
They have some great drinking music.
Or ElvenKing, Who has some really great violin work.




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They have some great drinking music.
Or ElvenKing, Who has some really great violin work.

I love those bands. I thought of both of them when I entered the thread.

Circus Maximus, though they're gaining fandom
Crystal Empire (power/prog metal)
Slow Tension (similar to Liquid Tension Experiment)
Operatika (gothic/power metal)
Minotaurus (folk metal)
Celesty (power metal)
Focus (prog rock from the 70's)
Camel (same as Focus)
CAB (jazz fusion)
Gary Hoey (surf-rock)

That's all I feel like listing
Public Access
Bomb the Music Industry (Not so small, but small label)
Redlight Cinema
The Wendels
Communication Corporation
The Naked Citizens
Voodoo Six - Classic Modern Rock
Onslaught - Semi Death/Thrash Metal
All That Remains - Thrash Metal
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Alternate Rock
quicksilver messenger service. probably the most talented of the san francisco 60s bands, but were overlooked because everyone (including me) loves jerry garcia so much.
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The Human Abstract. Go to their myspace. They are amazing and they arent even signed to a record deal.
The Human Abstract is teh shat! Crossing the Rubicon is teh shat too, i gotta see them live.
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The Hidden Hand
Spirit Caravan
St. Vitus
The Obsessed or anything with wino (Place of Skulls)
High on Fire
Wooly Mammoth

I supposed Kyuss as well but Id say they are pretty well known

You have a superb taste in music, if I do say so myself.
I simply cannot take this god-awful place anymore. Goodbye to all the good people here. The rest can fuck off.

To those who said The Honorary Title: thanks! I am listening their new album as I type this.

My contribution to this thread:
Oh Sleeper
The Human Abstract
The Early November
Mayday Parade (not many people around here have heard of them, but they seem to be a bit bigger nationally)
Byzantine...put out 3 cd's before they decided to disband and all 3 cd's are superb meshuggah-esque metal