Hey man, I liked it. The singing isn't great, but its not horrible. Lord knows I can't sing. The guitar playing was excellent though. I liked the nice laid back groove.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
I don't mind the vocals, they do their job. Maybe put a bit less emphasis on exhaling the notes. I think you could improve your singing threefold by reading any internet tutorial on singing.

Guitar playing was great, maybe a bit more presence in the recording mind? It seemed a bit thin and whispery.
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
hey man. i am a big lover of the blues and feeling. I dug this track 100%. I liked the guitar runs and turnarounds and solos. However, I don't know if my computer speakers were ****ing things up but it seemed as if the guitars levels were constantly going up and down and in and out of the speakers. Like sum chords licks would be loud, then a thin lead lick would be soft and suddenly get louder. ........I am at work so I couldn't turn up the volume but I will when I get home and maybe it will sound different.

so the only advice would be to try to maintain constant flowing volume levels in the recording with out things randomly going in and out of the mix. But great song, and your vocals didn't sound bad, I like the sound of your voice.