This is the piano track (on Guitar Pro) for a song I'm working on. It's not quite finished yet, but I would like some comments on how I'm going. With just the piano, it sounds pretty repetitive, but I have orchestra, drums, guitar, vocals etc to do as well so don't worry about that just yet.

The track is in my profile, comments would be great.

EDIT - All instruments are now finished - piano, strings, drums.
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Very very nice. I liked the song alot. The playing was very good. There is nothing like a very nice arangement on the piano. The only thing I was thrilled about was the piano sound itself. But I understand that we all can't afford a grand piano!! I don't know what you use now, but Stienberg's The Grand 2 vst plugin has a very nice piano sound. And you can play with it to get a nicer sound. It's a little pricey though.

Overall great song!!


crit this if you haven't already:

No no, I didn't play the song, it's recorded off Guitar Pro, a music composition program. Glad you liked the song though, thanks, comment will be returned.
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No no, I didn't play the song, it's recorded off Guitar Pro, a music composition program. Glad you liked the song though, thanks, comment will be returned.

Ah ok, I understand now. Good job none the less!

Thanks for the crit!
the writing itself seems alright, although the piano in the intro is boring. it it picks up alot in the subsequent verses. can you actually play piano?
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i had no problem with the intro. it wasn't exciting, but intros aren't supposed to be...they're there to start the building process. so personally, I think it's fine. Sounded good. And I'd do like Wadester suggested and get a nice VST for the piano. Because the composition was great, but GP's rendering of piano sounds is not the best.

I have nearly finished adding the string ensemble track to the song, so I've deleted the piano track and uploaded the recent version. Crits will be returned!
Critting while I listen here.

I like the progression and the way it flow Very nice. I like the strings underneath the piano it's really cool.

there places here and there where you mess up the piano it just doesn't sound natural but thats not a big deal.

Overall I really like the chord progression it flows really well. Maybe a bit repetitive but other than that there is absolutley NOTHING wrong with this.

I give it like a 9 of 10 because of the recording quality and the thoughtful way it was put together

you wanna check this one out?

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Nice! I like this new version wayyyyy better. I liked the old one, but this one is really good. You have a knack for music composition, I think. The only thing that I would change is to record with some real instruments. Other than that, it's very well put together. On a sidenote...it reminded me of the movie Free Willy

I just fixed the vocals on mine (on the first version I used an auto-tune program and accidentally set it to the wrong key)...If you don't mind checking it out again, its in the sig
Well another update on the song: all instruments are now done. It has been uploaded onto my profile, so if any of you guys that have already left a crit listen, drop me a short comment on how it sounds on my profile or the thread, thanks!
this is really good :].
i wish i could play piano like that.
keep it up.
kinda reminds me of apologize by one republic.
idk why.
but its awesome! :]
AS a piano player, i liked the intro. When it started to seem repetetive, the strings and other parts came in. Check out the songs i made in my profile if you want. I made them using Ableton Live.
This is great man..

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