Would it be a good idea to
like se up goals to accomplish, like finish this song
write the lyrics for this one, record this one, and such??
I Mean it's a stupid question i'll probably be called stupid for it,
but it's something i want more input on,
like what kind of stuff do you do at your practices???
My band and i have had 3 practices
We have 1 Song finished, still rough but recorded (instrumental)
One finished about 2 minutes but we recorded, improving the last minute or so (no vocals yet)
lyrics for one, about 80% finished, Music about 40% finished
we kinda just jumped around but got alot acomplished, but i'm wondering if more structure would result in yielding better results?
your opinions please??

if you would like to hear the recordings, and we would appreciate some feedback, suggestions, and such, and we do plan on rerecording the songs so if it wouldn't be too much trouble i would appreciatre you to look up We Set Your Girl on Fire on myspace,
here's the url:

Just do one at a time, get them completely done before you start another so your songs dont sound the same
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Bret Farve frowns upon the inappropriate location of your thread

Take it to the bandleading thread, k? =3
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it's good to SET the goals. but good luck accomplishing them.
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Yeah dude, get one thing done at a time...coz it'll confuse you like hell when all yur **** sounds the same...we've only got like one song done...and i'm not even sure if i even think its the right direction, but oh well...just dont do so much that you like drowning in it.
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Bret Farve frowns upon the inappropriate location of your thread

Take it to the bandleading thread, k? =3

lol damn him, will he stay or will he go *clash walk in to the pit and start playing*

anyway only you TS and your band can decide that.
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