so i installed a game today and it was running very poorly. i updated my graphics card and restarted my computer. when i restarted it, the main windows xp loading screen came up but then after that, nothing comes up on the screen..its just black. i have NO idea what to do. i tried restarting everything but it didnt work.

im really scared my whole computer is fucked up. help please?
You've gone and ****ed it up big time. Try booting from your windows XP CD and repairing the OS. You'd better hope it's not the bootstrap loader...
Boot up in safe mode. That will reduce you screen resolution to 16 or 256 colors. Your video will show then. Change your resolution to 16 or 256 colors so when you reboot in normal it will show. Then you can setup your video card.

If it goes blank, that means you monitor does not support that resolution.
"hijack this."

yeah, not nice, is it, bitch?

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"hijack this."

yeah, not nice, is it, bitch?


i'm not trying to be an asshole when i post that. it usually fixes problems.
you can fix it, as long as it doesn't scream and make clicky noises at you.
EDIT: and the monitor is solid blue. trust me, scary.
To boot up in safe mode, as its starting up press the F8 button and it should bring you to a menu.
its time for LINUX!
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ok, i cant think of anything else to do since i cant actually get onto the desktop, so i guess this calls for a recovery. does anyone know how to back all my music up? i have soooo much that i downloaded and i really dont wanna lose it.