The Provalve 60 is a 60-watt all tube guitar amp head. It's got two mixable channels, a spring reverb tank, master volume, an effects loop and a footswitch. Tube-wise it's got two 6L6 tubes in the power amp section and one 12AX7 tube in the preamp section. As far as gain goes the amp is able to do modern rock easily but if you're playing metal you will want an overdrive pedal. The clean channel is bright and punchy. The amp comes with two sets of tubes: two Mesa 6L6's with an Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 and Groove Tube 6L6's and a 12AX7. I am also including a 2-button footswitch as well. The reason I am selling is because I am going off to college next year so I'm switching to acoustic for a while.

I would like $350 OBO cash. Thanks.
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Forgot to mention, as of now the clean channel's gain pot is connected but outside the chassis. The reason is because the pot went bad and I replaced it with a full sized pot. Before shipping I will be installing the right size pot.
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