OK im gonna buy some cleaning/maintenance products for my guitar. Ive been recommended fast fret which from what ive heard is good. This would be the string cleaner/fretboard conditioner. I was also looking at the ernie ball wonder wipes. They have a freboard conditioner, string cleaner and body polish. Ive heard that the containers are pretty big, even the small, and last for a long time. Also should i get the fast fret over the ernie ball fretboard conditioner/string cleaner? And how big, or how long does the fast fret last? Or should i get the Dunlop maintenance kit.

On an unrelated topic, my wall plug is starting to fill up so i was thinking of a one spot. I read that they seem to short alot. Is it worth the 100 bucks for the dunlop brick? Or should the one spot work.
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I bought my Fast Fret months ago, and I use it daily, and there is still a lot left. The thing about Fast Fret is that it doesn't only clean the strings, it also lubricates them, and some people might not like that.

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Yeah (to me), but I use Fast Fret only when my strings are rusty.
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