Hello there, i'm seeking some help with how to easier play cavatina on guitar, but only small advise because i wan't to learn the most myself, but is it better if you run another tuning on it than the standard? because the way i start with it is the deep E string as the first, then third finger on 7th A-string, second on 6th D-string, fourth on 9th G-string, and a loose B-string, that is how i start it, but would it be better if i tuned the lower E-string up or down a little? because it seems like my fingers are too short and stubby to give it the right sound, if you can make anything out of this and have any suggestions i say thank you
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Cavatina hurts my fingers, which is why I only practice it sporadically. However, I am making progress. Its notoriously difficult to play for beginners, so don't let that bother you. Just warm up your finger muscles first, and then practise making the shapes keeping your hand as relaxed as possible. It'll come to you.
Hehe, the biggest problem is that my finger can't reach a specific note when i get to one of the chords in the song, and i can't figure the chords in barré, so im on the ****ter there, but i don't how much a nylonstring can withstand, how many tones can you tune it up before it breaks?

And by the way, thanks for the advise, i'll relax as i take another sip of my beer, cheers

By the way, the place where im getting problems with the chords i've chosen to play is when i get to the part where he plays A, B, and D on the highest E-string, therefore i wondered if it would help to tune it some notes up because it sounds like the notes he uses later on would still be there if you wen't like...three notes up on the highest E, but can a nylonstring withstand that? I tried, but got scared since it's the only string i have and there is like 14 km to the nearest musicshop here:P so does anyone know if it can withstand it?

no need any more, got it tuned up now:P
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