I need to get something cheapish just now as I'm recording a few demos..

At the moment I'm making bass and drum tracks in Fruity Loops and then exporting them to Audacity where I record my guitar and vocal parts.

So far I've just been putting my guitar straight into my computers soundcard and its sounds not bad but I want a bit better quality. Also I need something with phantom power for recording my vocals.. (I'll be using a Rode Nt-1a). It must be a USB interface as my comp doesnt have Firewire. It will only ever need to record 2 tracks at once at max as it will just be guitar and vox till I get my new laptop and then I'll be splashing out on something fancy

So I've narrowed it down to the Tascam US-144, Edirol UA -25 and the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Anybody have any experience with any of these?

fast track all the way
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mxr blue box

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I own a Fast Track Pro and for a USB unit it's fantastic.

It wouldn't hurt to look at newer firewire units though. M-Audio and PreSonus make great interfaces.

You can pick up a firewire card for your PC pretty cheap.
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how much would this cost to make, and is it easy enough? just got a peavey valve king 212 combo and it doesn't have a line out socket.... would this work, so i can plug it straight to my mac to record in logic/garageband?

any help greatly appreciated


Stop posting this in different threads lol. You could just make your own you know.
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