Hey does anyone know where you can find how much the actual guitars cost from esp? I have there USA 08 catalog but it doesn't list prices(nor does esp's web page) and I cant find most of the guitars i was interested in on the typical music sites. does anyone have any idea where I could find the prices other than local music store? If it helps I was looking mainly at standard series esp/ltd with 81 emgs and with the floyd rose tremolo, so if you have an esp just give me an idea what it would cost new. Thanks everyone
look for it online-Musiciansfriend/Zzounds maybe?
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The ESP LTD 400 series starts around 600$, although the final price depends on your dealer.

Manufacturers tend not to list prices in their catalogs because they can change before a new catalog comes out, causing confusion. Sometimes they publish an MSRP or list price, but these are very rough guide lines and usually the actual price varies between retailers.
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www.guitarandampshop.co.uk have most of the esp range on there
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The guitar-com site below has some good price info on it.

I have a heck of great neck-thru KH-2 style guitar available from ESP's Custom shop. It is based off Kirk's sig series but better. I posted it in Grand Rapids, MI craigs site. Let me know if you're interested in finding out more about it. Happy shopping!