The acoustic is pretty much finished, maybe the ending can/should be changed a bit, but i'm pretty darn happy with what i have at the moment. Spent only 3hours on it so dont expect it to be the bestesest song ever.

Acoustic - 3:12 (finished) - Theres supposed to be a capo on the 2nd fret of the GBe strings, but either powertab doesn't allow just those three or i'm stupid and haven't figured out how yet.



Edit - If you feel parts should/could be changed please tell me.

edit 2 - i deleted the metal song 'cause im working on it now, and i want to post it when its finished instead.
Acoustic song 2.zip
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I really liked your style with the acoustic song, there's only one thing I'd suggest changing. Where you play the muted part just before the D chords, that sounds very odd to me. Maybe it sounds better when played live, but i think in the MIDI version it spoils the continuity a bit. Other than that, a very impressive song.

As for the metal song, I like it when the lead line comes in, I think you've used exactly the right notes there. In the following part, I think that the B should be replaced by a C when it's not being used as a leading tone, it would make it flow much better. Unless you're going for a slight mathcore edge to it, in which case stick with the B.

I like your use of rhythm, and the solo looks like it could be good too. I'd recommend doing the next few bars of it in straight 16ths and then going from there, but that's up to you.
I wanna hear the Gp5! This sounds really good. Very good job. Nothing that I can say I don't like, sounds like something I would hear with Emo vocals over top. Ok maybe thats not good? Hahahahah just messing man.

Good job.
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