Well, like you said, it's fairly simple. But im a huge melodic death/thrash metal fan so i thought this was great. It's definately one of them songs that would song better recorded but midi is good too.

The way the guitars switch at the beginning is great in my opinion. The drums are good, but some cymbals would be nice. The part that starts at 1:21 sounds a bit messy but i think thats just the guitars clashing on the midi (not sure). At 1:35, dunno why but i love that part. =/ Perhaps add to the song, make it a little longer.
Theres not really much to say about this song other than what i already have. Any chance you could record this instead? All in all, 8/10 just for this, mainly 'cause i love this style.

Was gonna ask you to crit mine but it would seem you got to it before i could do so. Thanks for the crit.
This sounds like some deep jungle theme song to me But don't take that the wrong way, because it's sweet. All the short choppiness, combined with the fast mayhem every once in a while works quite well. As seanius said though, this song does seem to end before it starts. Lengthen it up and it'll be even better. Maybe add a few new licks into the fray. That'd be pretty awesome. 8/10 for sure. I think you should record it with the lengthened version instead of a midi. Like do a midi/mp3 combo next time when you (if you) make it longer. That'd be cool.

Care to check mine out and leave some feedback?
Much appreciated bro
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