Hi, I have a cellphone. But it is a Pay as You Go one. I want to get a Blackberry Pearl. I don't use a cellphone alot, but I just really like Blackberrys, and these are only available with normal plans, and not pay as you go plans. So I live in Canada, and was on the rogers website. On a 1 year plan, the phone is $449.99, and for my plan, I selected 300 anytime minutes for $30. So, I am wondering, is this all that I need to pay now? Only $30 for the whole year? Because I will never use up 300 minutes. Or do I have to pay this plan monthly or something. But that wouldn't make sense since I selected the yearly plan. Sorry if this sounds so confusing. But could anyone tell me how this works? Basically, my big question is...is all I need to pay $30 for the whole year and $450 for the phone with the plan I selected, or are there more charges?
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im not too sure what you mean by the 'yearly plan', but i think you're just referring to the fact that you're getting your phone on a one year contract?
I believe that 300 anytime minutes for 30$ is a monthly feature, so your 300 mins refills each month and you pay $30 each month. Also i believe that with those blackberries you need to have a data plan to be able to get on the internet, access emails and do all the actual fun stuff which costs usually around a wallet-demolishing $200 a month or something.
Sadly, I used to work for rogers and I still dont know very much about phones so you should probably get some more reliable advice, but i hope i was able to start you off on what you should be checking out.
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You pay $30 per month
If you're not going to be using it all that much, then I would suggest just getting a different type of PDA thing on pay as you go. It's not worth spending $30 a month on something you don't use.
you get 300 minutes a month... you pay $30 month for as long as your contract is... don't let them fu*k you like verizon did to me
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