I am looking for a good, cheap multi-effect. I do not neeed distortion, but I would like to have vibrato, delay, reverb, chorus, and tremolo, with a "nice to have" of flanger and phaser. (Basically, anything that goes better in effect loop than before preamp)

They don't need to have lots of modelling, just some good modelling.

Reason I decide to go with multi-effect for these is that they seems more like "flavor of the week", unlike distortion, and so I do not have to rely on the effects a lot.

I had considered the following:
-Holy stain (pitch shift, tremolo, and reverb)
-POD (Pocket or 2.0)

NOTE: I do not actually need the pedal to be multi-effect. Another solution I have seen is to use cheaper individual analog pedals, such as those from Danelectro or Behringer.

Budget should be less than $150
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