Alright, so this weekend, I was shopping for a new amp, and, after going to a few other places, found myself at guitar center. So, I walked in, and of course, theres the wall of guitars to the left, and the counters, and amps all over the place, and etcetera. However, I noticed that there was also a big display over in the very center of the room, with none other than.... Guitar Hero and Rock Band! They had a huge stack of boxes of the games, and from the looks of it, they were pretty popular. I asked one of the guys about it, and he said that it was because so many people played guitar hero, and it got them into real guitar. But the question remains, if people played guitar hero to get into guitar.... what is it doing in a guitar store?

I'm really confused. Anyone else think that this is a little ridiculous?
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i think the reason reason is because the store is titled GUITAR CENTER, there will always be idiots who think that guitar hero is sold there and will go there to buy it.
It's because they deal in anything guitar related- plastic or otherwise.
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Im Actually good at guitar hero, and its actually kinda what got me into guitar lol... A little, anyway. I figured I could play a few songs that sound awsome, and now I can. Really, it was GH2 that got me into guitar, basically the super insane Bonus songs. TLTB FTW.
It's there so when I go, I not only have the option to show off with a real guitar, but also with a little plastic guitar.
At the guitar center I went to they had those video games underneath a bunch of acoustic guitars and stuff
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You answered your own question.
The reason those video games are in the store because the store guy said that these video games entice players to play real guitar. Buy Guitar Hero at Walmart, you're probably buying a cheap ass First Act. Buy Guitar Hero at Guitar Center, and your rich ass is walking out the door with a Line6 Spider III Stack and a Squier Bullet.